Research Statistics/ Research Methodology
Research Issues in Operations Management/ Advanced Operations Management/ Production/Operations Management

This advanced course provides a conceptual framework within which key elements of operations management as applied to various industries are evaluated. This evaluation considers the theoretical and practical framework for the translation of product and service requirements into an operating organizations. It emphasizes on the analysis of product design, production alternatives, facilities location and layout, resource requirements planning, quality control, and supply chain management, as practiced by various industries with the main aim of recognizing current operational practices, trends, related issues, and the sustaining initiatives for continual improvement. It utilizes live case analyses.

Research Issues in Marketing Management

This course presenta managerial and practical approaches to marketing as marketing is very pervasive and continues to be pervasive in all personal and business situations from all walks of life.  It provides a rich depth of practical examples and applications, showing the major decisions that marketing managers and administratora face in their efforts to balance the organization's objectives and limited and scarce resources versus the needs, wants and available opportunities in the marketplace.

Marketing management as utilized in this course is the study of the analysis, planning, implementation and control of programs designed to create, build and maintain mutually beneficial exchanges and relationships with target markets for the purpose of achieving organizational objectives. It relies on a disciplined analysi of the needs, wants, perceptions and preferences of the target and intermediary markets as the basis for effective and efficient product design, quality-laden products and services, pricing, communications and distribution in the midst of globalization.

The end objective of the theoretical foundations would be the preparation of marketing plans/programs, which are tailored-fit to the needs of the organization where the student belongs. Hand-in-hand, the class is also tasked to launch a particular product or a service in the global arena vis-a-vis the competion.

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