This course is designed to enable students to develop an understanding of the relationships between the structures and functions of the human body.  This course will also involve laboratory activities, projects, textbook material, models, diagrams, journal writings,  and clinical studies.

Unit I. Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology


Unit I.  Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

1.    Common Definition of Terms

       1.1  Medical / Nursing prefixes and suffixes

              1.1.1     Types of Study:  Systematic, Regional and Surface Anatomy

2.    Physiology

        2.1  Definition

        2.2  Types of Study

                2.2.1     According to organism

                2.2.2     According to the level

                2.2.3     According to the level of organism within the organism

3.    Structural and Functional organization

        3.1  Seven structural levels

4.    Characteristics of life:  Organization, Metabolism, Responsiveness, 

       Growth,  Development and Reproduction

5.    Homeostasis

6.    Terminology and Body Planes/Directions

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