IT031 Living In The IT Era (SY 2223)

This course covers the science, culture and ethics in the information technology, its influence on modern living and human relationships, and uses for personal, professional, and social advancement.

The course is designed to enable students to appreciate, in broad terms, the societal impact of development in information technology at the global and national level. This includes a review the history of Information Technology globally, - from pre-historic era all the way to today’s advances on the field of IT – and similarly in the Philippines. The historical survey, which is grounded on basic IT concepts, will examine how these developments have affected the course in human society: politically, economically, and socially (including culturally).

The second part of the course focuses on current issues arising from the application of information technology, how such applications relate to ethical and political decisions in both public and private sectors, and their effects (positive and negative) on society and life in general.